Social Media Content Management

Three simple tips for making content brainstorming easy and effective

Okay, let me level with you for a second: Coming up with multiple ideas for social media content across several platforms week after week isn’t an easy task. For some industries it’s easier than for others, but even for social media managers it can still be a daunting challenge.

I know that’s maybe not the good news you wanted to hear, but I’ve found there are a few effective ways to come up with different ideas and make sure they’re on point for both representing your business and engaging your customers. Here are my top three tips for content brainstorming:

  1. Schedule out when you’re going to brainstorm and stick to it.

If you remember one thing, remember this. Monday mornings are my time to come up with content for each week, and when I don’t, my whole week is thrown off. You may have to mess around with your calendar to find the time that’s best for you, but you’ll be glad you did!

  1. Check out what your competitors and industry leaders are doing on their social media.

Now I’m not recommending that you plagiarize their content, but it’s a good way to get inspiration and see what’s been effective for their customers. If you do happen to find a post that you just love and know would be a hit with your customers, you can use it, but make sure you give them credit. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll share your content too!

  1. Remember that Pinterest is your best friend when you can’t think of anything original.

In my time as a content manager, I would venture to guess that over half of the content I scheduled was either from or inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. (Even for my auto repair shops!) It has jokes, eye-catching photos, inspiring quotes, and even industry tips. Again though, just make sure you give credit where it’s due, and never crop out a logo or watermark.

Still not sure about this whole social media thing? Contact me here to help you get started.


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